PS3 on internet. please help
  • hi, i dont know how to connect my ps3 to the internet. i dont have router. can someone please suggest which one to go and buy. and do a run threw on how to connect it all together. i have the internet for my p.c. at home. i have a standard sagem modem that goes from my telephone line into the modem then back out to the p.c. i know i need a router to take the ethernet cable to somewhere. you can tel im confussed. please help
  • Your connection is a high speed connection such as DSL, correct? Just making sure as your description makesit a bit hard to tell if you are using broadband or a 56k dialup.

    If it is indeed high speed i would recommend a router made by Linksys or D-Link. These are two of the top names in that field. Quite a few seem to recommend the WRT54G model from Linksys. This router has wireless capability in the event you have the 60 GB PS3 and would liket to connect that way.

    To set up the router the line that is going from the modem to your PC would now go into the WLAN port on the back of the router. You would then use another bit of ethernet cable to connect the PC to one of the other ports on the back numbered 1 through 4. A quick run of the install CD which will have you enter in some information about your connection (speed, connection type, username/ password, etc.- you should have all the info needed from your ISP already) and it should be ready to go. This next bit may sound complicated but it isn't that bad- don't let the terminology fool you. ;) Just take your time and everything will go as planned.

    Now for the PS3. You would first take another length of ethernet cable (or if you have the 60 GB you could go without) and connect that between the router and the PS3's ethernet jack on the back of the unit. Turn on the PS3 and head to the Settings menu, scrolling down to System Settings. In here you will see System Information- go here and write down the MAC Address shown. You will need this for a tweak in router settings.

    Leaving the PS3 as is for a bit, go to the computer and open up the router's set up page in your web browser. Look for something called DHCP (may just be Static IP on normal wired routers) and go in here. The reason being is we are going to set up an IP address (the PS3's ID to the internet) that the router will give it each time you go online. You should see at the top of the page a bit saying if the DHCP is "enabled" or "disabled" (on or off). Click enabled and a bit further down the page you should see some entry blanks for the MAC Address and the tail end of the IP address (the router already has most of it filled in). Enter the MAC Address just as shown and then put the last numbers of the IP address the PS3 wil get. make this something you know nothing else going online through the router will use. It should say on the page the range you are allowed so go somewhere in the middle of that. Hit the Apply/ OK button when done to save that setting. Mark down that IP address for putting into the PS3 and bring up the router's Status page- this will have the rest of the information you need for the PS3.

    Back to the PS3. At the bottom of the Settings menu is Network Settings, where you will set up the PS3's connection. The first bits can be left at their default settings if no other changes were made to the router. Select if you are using a wired or wireless connection. When you get to the IP address select manual and enter in the address you set up earlier on the router. The next page asks for DNS Servers, Subnet Mask and the Router IP. All of these are found on the Status page on the router. Once these are entered scroll right to the end and save your settings. The system will then do a test and if everything goes as planned you will be fully online.

    I had to use some general terms for the router as different brands sometimes use different terms for some functions. Just look around the various tabs and you will eventually find the right spots. Again, this is much easier than it sounds with the terminology- as I said above, just take your time and everything should go smooth. B)
  • thanks for the help, if i have any problems ill ask again. Thank you