• The PS3 is now out in the UK, so I tried to sign up and keep getting the message that my e-mail address is wrong! Why is this? I type it in correctly and it says it does not exist!
  • Did you do the signup on the PS3 or are you trying to use the same details you did here?

    We are not affiliated with Sony and never have been. You have to do the sign up for PSN on the PS3 itself. If it is saying that e-mail address doesn't exist then you probably either used a different e-mail for the PSN or you haven't actually signed up yet.
  • I signed up on the official PS3 site to reserve my PSN name, but that did not work. So I tried signing up on the actual PS3 and have 3 different e-mail addresses. When I type any of them in it says that the e-mail does not exist when it does! My brother tried the same thing and the same thing keeps happening with his 2 addresses also!
  • Hmm...very odd. Something may have messed up when using the ID reservation site. Do you still have the e-mail they send when you completed that bit?

    You may have to try signing up all over again, this time right on the PS3.
  • This is what I am trying to do with my other e-mail addresses, make a new account! But it comes up with the same message, even though I go on that e-mail add everyday!
  • It wouldn't happen to be a Hotmail email address would it?, for some reason mine wouldn't work when I tried to sign up to PSN(could have been that I'd reserved my gamertag and not used it).
    Anyway, signed up using the wife's Yahoo account and that was fine.