Wont connect to a wlan point?
  • My PS3 wont connect to my bt voyager 1055 wireless usb thingy, is there anything you suggest or do i need to get a ethernet plug thing installed and use an ethernet cable.:(
  • You would be better off getting an actual router and use that to share the connection, rob. What sort of modem are you using now, a regular one that goes into an ethernet port on the PC or one that plugs into the USB?
  • one that goes into the ethernet port n the pc
  • Great- that makes things so much easier. When you can pick up a router at your local Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack or wherever you normally buy computer equipment. You would then take the feed that goes from the modem to the computer and plug that into the router. You would then use another piece of ethernet cable to hook the computer up again.

    Seeing as you are wanting to go wireless with your PS3 connection i would recommend the Linksys WRT54G.
  • o riteee thanks lyn

    dis forum is greattttt

    i wil do that thanks!!!!!