ps3 internet browsing
  • you know how you can download games like America's Army for free on the internet on your pc ? Would you be able to download America's Army onto your ps3 using the internet browser?
  • You may be able to but it wouldn't do you any good- America's Army is still written for use on a PC, not the PS3. The coding is entirely different and it just wouldn't run on it.
  • would you be able to do it with other games?
  • Most likely not- again, they would have to be written to work with the PS3 to run. games such as that are made mainly for the PC.
  • what about linux games Lyndon... assuming you load the linux option on the PS3 ?

    Tomas... the games in our arcade work really well on the PS3 internet browser:

    Playstation 3 Network - Free Arcade Games

    there are a few hundred in there to keep you occupied on your PS3 and they look brilliant on a big TV screen.
  • Downloading games made to run on Linux when in Firefox on Linux would work, just as if it was on a computer running the OS. They just wouldn't be of any use going from the PS3 browser.