• I agree with your view in this respect and do not condone the installation use, and sale of Mod chips that allow software piracy.

    There may be an argument that the game developers charge too much and kids cannot get games unless they copy them...but I still believ it is wrong and maybe you should save up your hard earned pocket money and spend it wisely...get a paper round....when I was a lad........sorry, off on a shady tangent for a moment.

    The one dissapointing aspect for me is that PS2 is not a multizone DVD player. This is a real drag as most decent DVD players are multizone, and all rental releases in the video store are Zone 1, and I have to pretty much wait for the video release to get them on Zone 4, Australasia.

    Is there any way (legally) to upgrade my PS2 with a sony add on or otherwise, to make the cool little black box play Zone 1 DVD's.

    Otherwise I am a happy PS2 owner..

  • I dimly recalled Tiff mentioning an item that will supposedly let you play DVD movies from other regions.You can find the thread at;t=55 .No idea just how effective it is.