Help Gettin External Maxtor Hard Drive To Work With PS3.
  • Hi, have a Maxtor 320Gb external hard drive that I'm using with a PC at mo. I'm after using it with my PS3. At the mo it's using 'NTFS' file system. Will PS3 read this or will it have to be reformatted. Plz help. Thx Marty
  • It should work ok but you will only be seeing the file types that the PS3 can use (MP3s, MPEG video, etc.). I would try putting some sample files on there (one or twoMp3s and an MPEG-2 video file) and test it out. Just have them at the top level of the hard drive.
  • I just bought and installed an external usb hard drive myself. Many new drives now come pre-formatted with NTFS file system because of Windows XP is by far the most popular OS. For some reason Sony decided to go with Fat32 File system which has major limitations when trying to work with high definition files. any one file over 4 gigabytes will not be able to be copied to this drive because of the file system limitation. But you can format your drive and still get you 320 GB capacity with this program that I ran accross.

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    look for the download link about half way down the page. Thanks for whoever made this program. It's nice when a free program just does what it's supposed to do. My 400BG Caviar(Western Digital) has worked great for about two months now. I put all my pictures,music(ton's of mp3's) and movies on this. Ps3 is picky as hell with it's mp4 AVC files. Have a high definition camcorder that uses this format and I just copy the m2ts files over the the hard drive and they look incredible. got love the high def.