playstation network help
  • ive set up this up on account on the ps3. but ive set it up under the wrong name/user, is there anyway of removing it from one user to another, and setting up a new account under the original users name?
  • ive tried adding it to the correct user but it keeps comming up saying its assosiated with another user.
  • Unfortunately there is no way to change names after the account is made on PSN. They made it like this to make it easier to keep track of friends. Some people have an annoying habit of changing their names for no reason.

    The only way you would be able to make the change is contact Sony and have them remove that PSN ID from the database and sign up all over again with the desired name.
  • i dont want to change the name though, i want that name for that email etc, but ive set it up under the wrong user on the ps3 itself.
    If i was to set up a new account under a different user, would i be able to swap them round?

    basically ive set up my psn account on my partners user name on the ps3, rather than my own
  • otherwise, is it possible to move the game saves to another user? if thats possible, i can just change the user names, and its all sorted
  • thanks for the help. ive switched the users round now