Resident Evil Code Veronica X
  • I dont have enough ammo to kill this #######, and i am wondering can i kill him with the box or do i have to restart the game from the beginning????
  • you can kill him with only your gun, but it take 80 ammo and 4 full health to do it

    best to have 2 health handy and the grenade gun with flame and acid rounds in, 4 & 2 combo of either one will kill hime quick.

    the bow gun with 10 B.O.W. arrows and your hand gun does the job as well

    Haven't heard from anyone to see if they have tried the knife only

    if you hit the catapult button straight away you can knock him off guard to position yourself in the opposite corner, let rip with a round and move away fast, keep doing that and if you get caught in his swiping claws more than twice, your dead
  • U see Tiff the problem is that i only have 4 B.O.W. and 4 acidrounds left and i have pumped him full with that and he still doesnt die so im afraid that i have to start all over or something like that...

  • Looks like your going to have to start over, but there is one way out of it and that is to use cheat/codes for you to have unlimited ammo but im guessing this is your first time through the game and you don't want to complete it by cheating :)

  • Nope Evil im not into cheating, i cant see the fun in cheating not in games like this anyway...
  • Pinballwizard, remember when claire enters the cargo bay and the panel on the right lights up?? thats the catapult controls, you kill him with that, you first release it to give him a taster, but he stops short of the end and pushes it back.

    then you pump him with your acid & flame (or grenade) rounds, you will be dodging him and re-healthing in places, you will notice that his body is getting more blood stained, when you see quite a bit on him and hear the catapult control panel 'ping' back into reset, get back there and let rip!!!!

    he will be too weak to hold it back and will be pushed off the plane. you can't kill him with ammo, the ammo is to weaken him, the catapult does the job.

    if you don't get him on the catapult on the first real try, pump him with lead and arrows, not too much as they are needed later on in the game as ammo & health is very sparse, dodge and wait until it resets and let rip again

    sorry I didn't give a full explaination, I was in a bit of a hurry then
  • Thats ok Tiff, i understand that u have to give him in the face with the box, but i didnt have enough ammo to get him of the plane, so i think im gonna stay at home tonight and run throuh this stage again, i dont think its gonna be to hard now that u know everything, and im not gonna be as triggerhappy this time...=)

    Thanx anyway guys for ur help.
  • The amount of ammo you need to take the dude out depends on the number of times you hit him with the cargo box - you can empty everything you have into him and he'll still come back for more.

    The first time i did this bit i hit him with everything i'd got (which wasn't that much) and needed to hit him with the crate about 4 times). When i did this bit again, i concentrated on running around (you need quite of health stuff for this approach) and only used about 5 or 6 normal bow gun bolts - but it took about 6 hits with the crate to finally take him out - i'm pretty sure you could complete this bit without firing a single shot (although like i said, you need a lot of health stuff as he is quite difficult to dodge).

    It all depends how much weaponry stuff you want Claire to start the Antarctic section with.
  • Guys, I have made it to the Artic World and have run around done most everything I can think of.
  • Fasst - i don't know what's going on with the gas mask thing - it should be released as soon as the gas is - after placing the barcode sticker on the Anti-BOW Gas crate in the main conveyer belt room, all you need to do is to push the large button next to it and there should be a cut scene where the crate moves to the BOW room. If you haven't had the cut scene, then you wont get the gas mask. Also have you made sure that the power to the base has been fully restored - in the room with the switch (the room with the 3 dogs) there is a second switch you have to press to fully restore power in an alcove down one of the corridors - have you pressed this second switch???

    As for the spider under the grate - forget about it (for now). I dunno - call it names and tell it that it smells (but watchout for its spit - it kind of stings!!)

    The zombie in the storage room (there's one of those metal cases in there with it right?) - you get to go in there later in the adventure, so forget about him for a while - again you could taunt it and call it names if ya liked (it's not going to do anything yet!)

    Just drop another post if ya still having trouble
  • Gideon, you nailed it I think.