Help Before I Go Crazier Than I Already Am!!!!!!!!
  • :w00t2: I may have already submitted this - I REAL NEW at all this!
    I have rented Van Helsing for my new PS2 - I am on level 5 and I CANNOT get out of it. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING FROM BEGINNING AT LEAST 4 NEW GAMES TO SEE IF I MISSED SOMETHING. :mad: I have killed so many things that my armory score is now above 13,000. PLEASE HELP BEFORE I TURN MY CROSSBOW ON VAN HELSING AND FEED HIM TO THE DRACULA!!!!:rolleyes:
  • yes, you did submit this before, CherokeeWoman- i had moved it to the PS2 Game Help section in case one of the other members had an idea. i did a bit of digging around and left a suggestion there for you. Good Luck! B)