my psp is broke or not
  • today i try to change the icons on my psp and wen i did it my screan turn black and every time i try to turn it on my scren turn black but the litle green light is
    on plzzz ! help
  • I think you busted your PSP. The icons on the system were not meant to be changed- whatever bit of homebrew you were using to do it may have been the cause.
  • but my friend have the same version dath me we have the same psp and wen he did it it works i have darck alex version 3.10 oe a i dont get it
  • It's possible something may have glitched due to low battery power or just something didn't quite install right when using it on your system. Whatever the case your PSP is now a $179 black paperweight. It's things like this happening that we do not usually support the use of homebrew- if your PSP breaks because of it your warranty is out the window.
  • can you tell me plzz can i fix it aur sell it wath can i do with my psp
  • You wouldn't be able to sell it but if you are still within the one year warranty you could get it replaced by calling Sony and arrange things. Just don't say how it broke. ;) The number is in the user manual that came with it.
  • i have one problem i live in canada and its my uncle how bought it for me in california for chrismes can i remplace it iven if i dident buy it in my country
  • can you tell me the number if you khnow caus i dont now were is the manuel book of my psp plzz help:confused:
  • The number in the back of the book is for all of North America, not just the US. When they ask tell them you received it as a gift and do not have the receipt.

    The number to call is 1-800-345-7669.
  • anway thnks men for helping me and for the number :D