ps3 online access problem
  • the problem is that i can't go online at all.

    it says there's a server problem or dsl but i called my isp and there's no work being done on the line it works fine. so why then is the ps3 not working.

    i'm really pissed at this and i couldn't wait for the ps3, i waited a hell of a lotta years and now there's no point if i can't play online.
    Everyone said the ps3 sucks, PROVE 'EM WRONG
  • Going to need a bit more information from you. Are you connecting wirelessly? Do you have a router in place?
  • i have a wired connection . cable modem from ntl and there's a dns or server problem, but my internet is workin fine
  • No router then- just switching the ethernet cable back and forth as needed?

    If you are sure you have the information in correctly you may want to try a simple power down of the modem and after about 30 seconds or so plug it in again. That should free up the thing thinking it is still attached to your computer.

    As for the server numbers, did you put them in or leave things at automatic? You might want to go into the PS3's connection and enter the numbers in manually. I would also suggest getting a router, which would save the cable switcheroo routine and handle getting your PS3 and the computer online at the same time.