God of War 2 wont read
  • I can't get god of war 2 to read on my ps2....
    I have tried many different copys of the game and have also tried on 3 other ps2's.....
    i read on the inside cover of the game booklet "This disk is intended for use only with playstation 2 cosoles with the NTSC U/C designation"

    I dont get it.....plz help me:confused:
  • Slim, the NTSC U/C marks discs means the disc was made for the North American market. Being in Canada (don't ask how i knew, part of being the forum god ;) ) that would be the correct version for you to play. Unless you are using an imported system there is no reason why that disc should not be working.

    Have all of the copies you have tried come from the same location?
  • i live in Toronto,Canada bought the p2s from walmart about 2 years ago.... on the box it read's NTSC U/C
    SCPH-75001/ 97301.....is there something i can do in the config. menu to fix this problem?
  • No, there is nothing in there to change in regards to PS2 disc play. Your system works fine with other games?
  • Every other game i have/rented works fine....
    the disk itself has a tint of gold on the playing surface it also has 2 bar codes as all the other games i have played only has 1 bar code...i dont get it
  • I really don't know why it wouldn't work- it may be a bad disc that slipped through the printing process. Your best bet now would be to call Sony and talk to them, letting them know the disc has been tried in several PS2s with the same results. In all likelihood they will exchange the disc for a new one. The number to call is 1-800-345-7669.