connected then not
  • i have a problem connecting wirelessly to ps 3 i use a belkin g+++ mimo modem router that is connected to xbox 360 and wii with no problems.
    The ps3 though will not connect properly i get various errors dns timed out error occured you have been signed out eyc .
    i get about 60% strength (odd as the 360 gives me 4 bars full) some days it will sign in others not took 6 hours to update to version 1.6 (when i got connected that is) any ideas anyone its driving me barmy
  • The answer is simple- Sony's wifi card is crap. If possible hook up to the router with a wired connection and you will soon lose the barminess (or at least some of it ;) ).
  • so this is a known problem then FANTASTIC the problem is my router is upstairs on the other side of the house. No other way round it ?:confused: someone told me about extenders will they help or am i chucking good money after bad?
    thanks for the help
  • Yes, a range extender/ booster would help you. You probably will be able to make do with the one extender located in the same room as you have your game systems. If possible get one that is also made by Belkin to ensure the best compatibility with your Belkin router.
  • thanks will let you know how i get on

    really annoying though would have sooner payed for a decent adaptor like the 360 than have this aggro
  • still getting problems the signal strength varies from 20% to 75% without me doing a thing to either the router or the ps3 i get dns errore unable to resolve name errors in fact all the various errors listed on here .
    is it possible i have a faulty ps3 ? as i said before i get full strength on my 360 and no problems with the wii
    what is a dns error that is the most common fault i get now?:confused: :confused:
  • Most of the problems with signal strength are coming from the PS3's lousy wifi card. Nothing that can be done there other than getting some signal extenders / boosters to strengthen the signal enough for the PS3 to catch or string ethernet cable around (which may be the best option to ensure your net access). It's not just your PS3 with that problem, Sony skimped on that with every 60 GB out there.

    If you are getting DNS server errors then you do not have the DNS servers entered into the PS3 correctly. Doublecheck your settings and put everything in manually (set up an IP address for the PS3 on the router in DHCP, put that along with router IP, Subnet mask and the DNS servers into the PS3 settings). Doing that should get rid of the errors but I would really suggest biting the bullet and going wired (or find another room to put the PS3 that is closer to the router at least).