Strange problems with brand new ps2!!!
  • Hello,

    I've been having some wierd issues with my new slim ps2. So far I've tried to play God of War, God of War 2, and MGS 3, and all of them load just fine, but after the playstation2 logo shows up on the screen, they seem to freeze up! (in the GoW games, they freeze on the "sony america etc. presents" screen and on MGS it just goes blank!) ALSO, when I try to play a DVD, I can hear audio but can see no picture! I've disabled progressive scan and all that stuff, but nothing seems to work, and I've had no problems with the cables either...also I picked up a star wars battlefront game and that works just fine! but still, thats 1 in 4 games that actually work on a brand new system!

    Unfortunately, the ps2 was won as a prize and thus I have no receipt and thus no warranty! Any Ideas??? thanks!

    p.s. I've tried to clean the lens with rubbing alcohol as suggested but it doesn't seem to change anything...
  • Sounds like a problem with the lens itself being misaligned and not being able to read the discs properly.

    You should still have a warranty on that new system even if you didn't actually purchase it. Call them and explain the circumstances and they will likely arrange for an exchange.