ps3 games will they work different countries
  • hi

    can anyone help me i have a ps3 from japan and i live in the uk . japan runs on ntsc and uk runs on pal tv format. if i buy a game in the uk will it work on my ps3 i got from japan? on the uk games it says pal on the back region 2
    i thought all ps3 games was surpose to be region free?

    when i go to the playstation uk store there are some games that download and play on my playstation like (lemmings,blast factor) and some games that dont play like(grand turismo, tekken,) and says this game is not supported (80028f10) but all the movies seem to work fine.

    at the min i am buying games from other countries that says the games are region free to be on the safe side. or is it the case that some games are region free and some are not.

    if anyone can help me with these two problems i will be most greatful
  • PlayStation 3 games are, indeed, region free. The region marking is on there to show what area the game you have was originally made for. Your PS2 games, PSOne games, Blu ray movies and DVD movies will not work however- they are still region coded. Most of the PS3 games have their online features done on regional servers based on where the disc you are using was meant for- to play fellow UK players in Motorstorm, for example, you would need the UK version.

    I can't say for sure why some of the downloadable games won't work unless they maybe put some region coding in selected games such as Tekken 5. Because you are using a Japanese system not all items may be available to you in the store. There isn't much that can be done there.
  • thank you you been most helpful

    also will they put grand turismo concept 2.0 free full game on the japan store soon so i can play it and is there anymore free full games coming soon on the japan store?

    many thanks

  • The concept demo of GT is already there and it is free. The next actual full Gran Turismo game is going to be GT5. GT: HD is being used as a way to show how they hope/ expect the actual game will look like.

    There will not be any free full games, just demos, which is what GT: HD actually is.
  • it is free for gran turismo concept hd 2.0 full game on the uk store thats why i was asking if they was going to do it on the japan store as they have only got a demo of the 1.1 version. and since the uk version wont play on mine. i dont no why they are giving the uk that free for coz we are the last to get the ps3 and they dont normally give us anything for free
  • Ian, everyone is getting GT: HD for free eventually. As I said, they are using the bit of what they did have finished as a tech demo for Gran Turismo 5, which is going to be the actual next game in the series. Gran Turismo: HD 2.0 is not a full game- it is now a tech demo to show what may be possible for GT5.
  • I know this is probably recapping exactly what has been said over and over but let me get this right. i wanna get it right cos i am planning on buying a Japanese PS3 and bring it to Australia.
    A. Any PS3 will play any game as there are no restrictions. as long as your TV supports PAL/NTSC your PS3 will too. So PS3 game both PAL NTSC will work.
    B. Online games are generally set to the country where they are bought I.E. i buy a game in Japan i will play on Japanese servers if i buy it in Australia i will play with other Australians.
    C. PS1 and 2 games are region locked so Aus games will not play on a Jp PS3 etc.
    D. Same thing with DVDs and B-Rays.
    E. Other than online games there is no way for developers to individually block games so that they are not accessible. Bascially my concern is that 90% of games will work but then i go out to my corner store pick up a "local" Aus game to discover it wont work cos the developer put a block on it.
    Finally i read on wikipedia that all the PS3s will run on 100-240v in other words i can pick up a PS3 in Japan that is 100v and run it in Aus that is 240 without a power converter. I would really hate to do it unless i am 110% sure that it works. I had bad experiences with frying a PS2 a long time ago and i dont wat that to happen again :(.
    any info would be much appreciated
  • You have it pretty much all correct there, Gulliak.

    Region coding is up to the developers on the PS3 games and so far no one has seen fit to use it. If you are using a hi-def television to hook up the PAL/ NTSC thing is somewhat a moot point.

    With the Japanese PS3 you would have to import Blu-Ray movies from Japan or North America to play on it- they are set up the same. Australian Blu-Ray releases will still be in the PAL region. Any DVDs you want to watch would have to come from Japan as they left the region coding there unchanged. Same goes for PlayStation 2 games.

    You are also correct on the online play- most are using regional servers so who you connect with will depend on what version of the game you get. Resistance has a patch coming soon (or maybe has just come out by now) to allow worldwide access. Ridge Racer 7 uses global servers as well.

    All info I have seen does say the PS3's power supply is universal and will adjust accordingly- just to be sure, however, I would suggest a converter.

    I do want to caution against importing, however (even though the price is much better- i did a currency conversion check to be sure). In the ever-so-slightly case that something goes wrong with the PlayStation 3 you import you will essentially be without warranty. The tech support you have is not obligated to repair/ replace systems not sold in their region. You would have to deal with the Japan tech support. If you want full functionality and tech support if needed I would suggest buying locally. the decision, however, is yours.
  • Thank you very much for the info that you sent it is very useful. I have done the maths too and the difference in price is very very substantial. I am very aware of the downsides of importing but for me its not exactly importing as i do spend a substantial part of my time in Japan as well as being fluent in the language etc. During the days of the PS2 i had a Japanese PS2 and i never found the need to buy any games in Australia as all the good games came out in Japan 6 months before Australia so i would have plenty of time to have them sent or go and pick them up my self so i assume even if god forbid they decide to implement coding differences i will still have the upper hand.
    anyway thanks so much for the info
  • hi i would just like to add to help you a bit more. when you go to the ps3 store online you can download all of the demos but some of the full games from your country wont work when you buy them online you cant play it coz it says the game is not supported.

    if you buy a game from the store in a another country ie like the place you brought your playstation from you need to log your credit or debit card details in but it will say your country is (japan) and they will check your card details.

    if you dont live in japan you will have a problem adding the funds as i found.

    i got a power converter down to 100v from 240v but i am not willing to plug the 240v into it so i cant help you there sorry
  • To reply 2 your comments abouts the uk playstation games being region free
    they are not.

    i went out and brought a uk game from the local shop and put it in my japanese playstation 3 and to my horror it come up on the screen this game is not supported.

    it looks like uk games wont work in any other country apart from the uk and europe.

    tried and tested says it all really now i have to sell my call of duty 3
    second-hand because they wont accept it back at the store where i
    brought it from.

  • Right im new to this so i will try and not step on anyones toes, and sorry if i do.

    Here goes please can someone spell this out very simply and give me a solution.

    i have a jap PS3 and have had it since january,

    i have ridge racer 7 and resistance fall of man from japan played them and finished them a long time ago.

    i borrowed Call of duty from my friend who has a uk pal version and it did not work

    it came up with 'game not supported - 80028F10

    is this going to be the same with all uk games i buy or what?

    all threads i have looked at are all talking about downloaded games, i just want to buy games from a shop and play them is it just call of duty 3 that does this or all of tehm

    Please someone help me all i want to do is play my games.

    oh i do not have a HD tv just a regular tv in my room.

    if there is no solution to this problem then can somone please tell me a good place to buy games thet will play on my ps3

    Thanks for your much anticipated help.

  • hi larwoo i think the uk and europe are not region free coz i have had the same problem i went out and brought call of duty 3 from a uk shop and i have a japanese playstation 3 and it come up with the same errorcode as what yours did.

    i think what it is down to is the ntsc & pal on the playstation thats why i dont think they work.

    since the japanese playstation runs on ntsc and the uk runs on pal then you would have to buy a game that is from a ntsc country i think.

    or the fact could be some games are region free and some are not?

    if you look at they say on the games uk & europe only

    or it could be the rest of the world is region free but not uk & europe

    i have got a usa game and a japanese and they both work fine from ebay co uk.

    look out for the sellers from the uk if you want it in a hurry and make shaw it says region free on it because they have it imported its cheaper too.

    Buy video games from Asia, USA + Consoles, Handhelds with Free Shipping- is cheap for games plus free p&p

    i hope i could help
  • thanks for your help.

    have you used that link to buy games from and do you have to buy one that says ntsc english or can you buy any of them and they will be in english.

    hope that makes sence.

  • actually do does anyone know if ntsc usa games will play on a jap machine?
  • i havent yet used the website but you can use paypal on it which is safe if you dont get your game within 30 days you can get your money back from paypal.

    make sure you goto paypal within the 30 days otherwise you will end up losing your money.

    i think the games are in english sinces it is in english writing on the website.
    on the back of my Tiger woods 07 its got and the game is in english.

    i think the games from the usa will work because it is a ntsc format and not a pal.

    everybody everywhere is saying ps3 is region free but i think it does come down to the ntsc & pal format thing.

    i am not a runner of this website i only come to ask a question about the region free of the ps3 but i think the things i found out from my own jpn ps3 using in it in the uk is right

    the people that do run it is based around u.s.a area i think
  • if you are unsure send them a email and ask if it is in english.

    i hope i could help
  • right this is begining to really annoy the hell out of me.

    i have borrowed yet another game from my friend this time it was formula 1 and it is a Pal version game,

    guess what? yes it works absolutly fine no problems what so ever,

    so now do i chance it and buy UK games for for jap machine and just hope they work or do i wait 9 days and have usa ntsc or jap ntsc games sent to me through the post.

    does anyone know what game (the store that is) returns policy is on PS3 games is??

    why can't life be any simpler

  • The region free bit is up to the various publishers. You'll keep finding some games work, others don't. The majority of games should work fine regardless of where the system came from.
  • hi andy i think the best way to find out is rent the game from somewhere like blockbusters. or go to the shop you are buying from and ask them if you could return the game if it dont work.

    or goto ebay and look 4 the region free games on there. there is 1 seller i have been buying from and he gives me nextday delivery the games are around £30.00 free p&p i dont think he has got much in at the minute but does ship it fast. he gets the games imported always works on my playstation i will give you the link 4 the ebay shop

    eBay UK Shop - 360livesubscriptions: PS3 Accessories

    many thanks
  • For your info most Uk games are region 2 which is identified by the world icon and number 2 on the rear of your game box. I also had the problem of my uk games not wotking on Jap/ hong kong version ps3. the hong kong games are region 3 and usa region 1. both these regions will work fine as i have run region 1 on my system no problems. as also said in one reply most games will be region free but some publishers will bring out region specific games so you must check first for compatability. If you want new games that are region free or will work on your system check out ebay and get games from hong kong as these are all for usa/ hong kong region 1 and 3 or region free market and should work fine. Typical game price on ebay from HK Fear
  • I am having the same problem. The following is a list of possible solutions given on various gaming websites - and my comment to it :

    - Problem is that you need an HDTV - I took my Japanese PS3 console and connected it to a friends HDTV - it did not work

    - Problem is related to Japanese in game violence coding - the game is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 - how violent can the golf games get ?

    - Problem is related to region - I bought 2 Region 2 games in South Africa which both worked on my Japanese console. The Tiger Woods game is also Region 2 on the cover. Hence 2/3 games work. Why would one not work ?

    - Problem is your console - I tested the game on a South African bought PS3 and the game works.

    I can only summise that the problem is with the Japanese console - as this is the common denominator with all gamers who are having this problem. The problem is not the games working on the console (as 2 of my games work) - Sony has to come back and tell all of us as consumers why certain games do not work on Japanese consoles.

    Has anyone received a response from Sony themselves on this issue - I am still waiting for a reply - but will be escalating this issue on Monday during working hours. I am loathe to find a work around, i.e. import games - when I was told by the Authorized Sony dealer that ALL PS3 games from anywhere in the world will work. Why should we find work arounds to a Sony issue ?

    I am a huge Playstation fan - but this is very very disappointing - with such a small selection of games - it sucks that a handful of them will not work - not to mention the jibes by the Xbox xommunity...:O) I hope Sony sorts this one out guys - we need a patch and soon !
  • does anyone know if FEAR uk PAL works on a Jap machine?

  • It should but it seems the region free bit isn't as clear cut on the Japanese PS3s. If you were planning to buy this one it may be an idea to do a rental first to check this out before buying- at least then you are only out a couple of pounds compared to the 40 pounds you would be buying it..
  • as i have said in my previous reply, the uk game fear will not work on a jap ps3 as the game is region 2, i did actually purchase fear from hong kong and i am playing it fine on my jap ps3, so thats the way to go with it i`m afraid also NBA2K7 region 2 will not work on jap ps3. don`t forget to check out ebay for the cheap deals from hong kong an usa as these will work out cheap look at my previous reply
  • i do understand what you are saying but i brought formula 1 for my jap ps3 and it worked fine

    all i was checking was that someone else brought FEAR for there jap ps3 and knew if it worked or not.
  • the problem we have with the region 2 games is that some will work and others won`t work on the jap ps3, the problem arises when you purchase a region 2 game and it will not work maybe you can take it back to the shop and get a refund i don`t know but at present until sony update the firmware on ps3 the best way for games would be to buy from hong kong don`t forget this will be the cheapest way to buy as most uk titles are going for upwards of
  • I am just piggybacking off this thread instead of making a new one, I hope that is okay.

    I have been given a PS3 from the US and I live in South Africa. I really wanted to check about the voltage. In the documentation it says that the PS3 uses 120V and I know in SA we use 220/240 volts.

    Can I just replace the cord (which has an american plug on) that came with the console with a SA one (With the correct 3 prong plug) or do I have to use a converter? And will it work okay with the different voltage?

  • From what i understand, justim, you should have no problems. The power converter inside the Ps3 is made to be universal and will adapt to whatever source is there. Just go with the proper cord and you'll be fine.
  • will an american stranglehold work on a South African ps3?
  • i'm proud to say hello to a fellow South African
  • That's great, thanks so much. I was just really worried about frying my new machine.

    I think there are a few SA users lurking about, hi shaddow.
  • shaddow said:
    will an american stranglehold work on a South African ps3?

    Yes, the game itself is region free. If you picked up the collector's edition with the bundled blu-ray disc of the movie Hard Boiled you will find the movie wil not work due to region locking on blu-ray movies.
  • Thanks lyn that helped... another thing
    can I buy stuff at playstation store using a debit card
    instead of a credit card?

    I REALLY need to download stuff
  • It should be possible, yes. Just enter the information as you normally would. If you find they will not accept your debit card you may want to look into "disposable" credit cards. These are basically credit cards numbers you set up for a one time use. They are available online through various sources- a quick Google search will find them.
  • Hi everyone ive just joined,i won a japanese PS3 yesterday brand new and sealed off ebay
  • Sorry forgot to mention im from the UK :rolleyes:
  • Congrats on the win, zanadu. I hope you aren't getting too soaked on the shipping charges for that.

    You will have no problems with PlayStation 3 games as they are region free. However, your local DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, PS2 games and PSOne games will not work as they are still region coded- you will need to buy Japanese for that (North American Blu-Rays will work as well). Another thing to factor in is your connection to the tv- if you aren't going high def you will need to get an adapter. The Japanese PS3's use NTSC/ J, not PAL. If you are hooking up through component or HDMI no worries.
  • Thanks for reply Lyndon your a star,no wont get soaked for shipping as its only an hour away from where i live so collecting the system Friday.......... Better get looking for some games lol X

    Lyndon wrote:

    If you are hooking up through component or HDMI no worries

    Sorry im a bit blonde so all this technical jargan is a bit much for me,what are the above???

    Thanks Zan
  • Those are two types of cables for connecting to a high definition television set. Component has 6 wires to it while HDMI combines all to one cable.
  • just a quick one,
    is there currently a patch to allow worldwide access for online
    multiplayer for f1 championship edit. ?

    awesome game, got it from the states online but want to play it in oz, but have only access to usa servers.
  • Afraid not, onto- you will be stuck playing the US servers with that one.
  • but will games from UK work on ps3s from canada?
  • so no uk games will work on canadain ps3?
    n will i have 2 buy games from usa every time?
  • The PS3 games themselves will work, varunbi- however, depending on how the online is set up you may find yourself playing only against other UK players.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    PlayStation 3 games are, indeed, region free. The region marking is on there to show what area the game you have was originally made for. Your PS2 games, PSOne games, Blu ray movies and DVD movies will not work however- they are still region coded. Most of the PS3 games have their online features done on regional servers based on where the disc you are using was meant for- to play fellow UK players in Motorstorm, for example, you would need the UK version.

    I can't say for sure why some of the downloadable games won't work unless they maybe put some region coding in selected games such as Tekken 5. Because you are using a Japanese system not all items may be available to you in the store. There isn't much that can be done there.

    That is a great thing. Cause I bought Army of Two for PS3 For an UK PS3 and it came in region 3. At least it plays.

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