So Blu-Ray's winning now huh?
  • I listen to some gaming podcasts, and am constantly reading up on the latest entertainment news, so its only natural that I have heard this line a bunch of times in the past week:

    "Blu-Ray is winning the DVD Wars"

    All I can say to those with HDDVD players is NAH NAH NAH BOO BOO!

    This is great news for us PS3 owners, because we do not have to worry about Blu-Ray DVD's being wiped off the planet for a while. I hate buying something just to have it become outdated a year later.

    If you want proof as to why/how Blu-Ray is actually winning, this website does a great job of listing the cold hard facts: The Product Wars fought on

    I found that link in an Insomniac Games blog, but the point is, everyone is saying that Blu-Ray has already TKO'd HDDVD's.

    I'm really happy to hear this. Maybe soon I'll be able to get Batman Begins for Blu-Ray (It's HDDVD and DVD only right now :huh:).

    So C'mon Get Happy!