PS2 Online - Can't get onto the server User/Pass issue i believe - Help Plz!
  • Hi i recently bought an unused Fat SCHP-390002 model of Playstation 2.
    I also purchased a network adaptor for it.. this is also unused it comes in original packaging and network code was unused (Not activated)

    Ok i install the network card and plug in my ethernet cord which runs to my broadband router. I use the get connected section and setup my ISP connection.. it runs the diagnostics and i get 5 green lights and it tells me im already to go. It then takes me to central station to verify my network access passcode... Whilst trying to connnect to central station it comes up "Central Station cannot be contacted" Bugger i tell myself and search these forums for the answer. I find a thread taht tells me i can do this on my computer! So i goto the advised page ""

    I choose my country "New Zealand" and then i proceed to create and account. I enter my network access passcode and create my account it tells me that my pin number which will permanently activate my account weill be mailed to my home address. It then tells me taht my account is activated for 30 days until i activate permanently with the pin that will be mailed to me. Right so its told me i have access.

    I started up the network acces disc again and create a connnection with my username and password that i created jsut then. It saves this connection which god all green diagnostics to my memory card. I then turn it off and put in the game "Hardware Online" which came with the network card. It starts up i select my connection and go play online... i then brings up the one server i can go on... it is called "Hardware Online New Zealand/Australia" and shows 15 players currently playing. So i click to enter this server... i get a message saying my username and password is not registered ... Unsure of whats going on as it said my username and password will be active for 30 days until i get my PIN.

    So now to my question. Why does it not authenticate my username and password when Playstation states it is now active :S this is really annoying lol.
  • I was thinking maybe it takes some time to pass my username to the servers? Anyone know if you have to wait for replication or something?
  • Wow this expert help is beyond phenominal! I am utterly amazed.
  • Sorry for the delay, eathe- having no experience with the central Station service here (North America doesn't use that for PS2 online) I expected one or more of our European members/ staff to jump in by now.

    It could well be a simple delay in the account information you set up getting to the Australian servers. By rights, however, it should have got there by now. If you are still having trouble I would advise giving Sony themselves a call.
  • Yep talked to playstation 2 helpdesk and told them i registered my network access code on "" and registered my country as NZ. They said that my username wasnt in their system, even though their system said they were mailing me my pin and that my account would be open for 30 days until pin activated it permanently. The helpdesk put me on hold for a few mins then said i need to change my country to UK in the account settings (even though im in nz ><). Did this but received no new email and it said you have changed your mail address once out of three times or something =o. So i thought oh well ill try connect to server.. nope still cant get on. :S.<br />
    sorry for bein rude in last psot. :/
  • hiya eathemeek.

    I am another kiwi having issues... my problem is simple though.

    I have pinched my sons PS2 ( slimline ) for the purpose of online gaming, i have regged it at yourgamingname, and at and sent their support crew an email stating this problem.

    Kids being kids he has lost the book that came with the network access code on it, and cant find the network access disk either, i have run f105 online setup to get around this issue, but when i get to connecting to central station it says my username is not recognised.

    I have found a net setup disc torrent which i am downloading now but how do i go about getting a network access code.