Heaven and Hell will tremble, once again!
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    image Yes! Guilty Gear's newest installment gets a PS2 release date. However, the question of its release in either the US or Europe is still unknown, leaving fans of the series biting their nails off wishing for a release, which happens to be my case. Anyways, from what I've managed to gather from its official site, Accent-Core has been implemented with many characters balances, new movelists, new gameplay factors and, which impressed me the most, bringing back gameplay factors from the original Guilty Gear for the Playstation One. Following it's predecessor, Guilty Gear X2 Slash, the game will have the same character rooster, having all 25 characters (secret ones included) present. No new characters were mentioned since GGX2 A-Core has already hit the Arcades, but maybe Arc System Works might reconsider it for it's PS2 release.