Happy Birthday Tiff
  • Last one as a single man!!!!

    May they all go downhill from here x x x

    Luv u me x x x x x
  • Happy birthday old man! :p Last one as a free man- better enjoy it (which i'm sure won't be a problem for you ;) ).
  • Time is a cruel master but thankfully not all of us are as old as the great Mr C Norman.

    Today this brave individual enters Middle Age.
    Its not a moment too soon then that he has bagged himself a young hottie and managed through brainwashing and intimidation to convince her to marry him.

    Good luck to you Tiff, and happy birthday.

    (Jane - if he gets wasted this time, FFS video it!! ;) )
  • HA HA HA

    After makeng me a sunday dinner - he has had to go through to work on night shift

    Should i watch him the clerks 2 DVD i bought him :D

    And 36 is officially past middle aged and onto being in his LATE THIRTIES!!!
  • HA! Only did 4 hours out of my 12 on night shift, great birthday present!!

    Back hope with pizza & wine & playing the GTA's on PSP till around 3am. Also got Machine Head's new album, Clerks 2 DVD, yummy goodies from Hotel Chocolat! and my collection of Japanese Kokeshi dolls has now started
  • Happy B-day buddy, down a couple of cold ones for me ;)