ps3 dual dvi input hd monitor 19 inch were?
  • I work for my dad being the manager of an icecream shop and seems everytime I try to look for a monitor with 2 dvi inputs for ps3 and my pc video card that we are going out or doing something else so im wondering if anyone will please help me find a monitor short enough to fit on my space of the desk. It needs to be 19 to 20 inch screen and have 2 dvi inputs and I need to find a way to connect the optical audio cable; would like to find a convertor so I can connect it up to my headphone type connection with output to female jack for my pc speakers to use and get input from my ps3 audio. thankyou so much guys for all your help in advance. :59: :w00t2: I have no idea were to post this question and no time to look since im so busy so I decided to post here.
  • I put your post here to get more possible input to your search, vectora. ;) The ViewSonic VG2030wm fits most of your needs with dual DVI input and size (20" diagonal). Suggested retail price is $355 US but you should be able to find it for lower easy enough.