Couldn't log in to resistence online
  • I was playing online the other night and all of a sudden the game started to bug out on me in a sense. I turned off the PS3, logged back into the network, and tried going online with Resistance, but it wouldnt let me.

    The same messages kept occurring. One was network error, DNS server problem. The another message after i got onto the main screen of online play login failed. Strange thing is though, when i logged in with my GF profile, i got on fine. Could this be a problem with the RFOM server or could it be an error at my end? Either way, i get to hurt someone. :frown: lol

    Another bit of information that may help, i was using a headset that started to play up just before it happened. And after it happened, my broadband connection went dead for no reason. May be connected somehow.


  • When looking around other forums i did actually see something about others who have been kicked out in similar circumstances. Seemed to be a bug involving the headset being turned on at a certain time. I can't remember now where that was atm (memory gets fried sometimes). Was yours on when you tried going in?

    Also, it does seem like they do have intermittent problems with the servers- nothing new on that score.
  • Yeah, my headset was on, but no one could hear me and vice versa. The problem has sorted itself out and im back online, but my headset is still giving me problems though.

    I always do a test when im on the main menu for the PS3, but as soon as i go into the game, it decides not to work. The headset i have is the madcatz one and i have also realised that when you turn it off in game, it creates brief problems with the game.
    The game freezes for about 5 seconds, and then the battery for your controller starts flashing on screen saying its nearly dead (even though it isn't), and the game go's back to normal after that.

    Can anyone advise me on any other headsets that may be worth having a look at?


  • For bluetooth headsets the Motorola H350 or H500 are popular recommendations. I would also suggest the Voyager 510 from Plantronics. You'll find these among the cel phones.