Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
  • I was playing carear mode with Eric Coston on THPS3 and I was at the first comp. at Rio and I did my first run and got a 96.7 or so and then I do my second run and fall about 5 times but then the judges game me a 99.9! Then I did my third run and I fell quite
  • Never heard of code like that, but how many points did u get in thoose runs????
    I have made runs where i fall alot but still get high points bec of the total points i get in that run...
  • Well mabey I am just to good or something. heh heh :laugh3:

    Well I did do it again in Skater island. I pulled out all the stops. I got a 99.9 all across the boards. But I didnt fall at all.
    Oh well whatever.
  • What is the best way to max your score, is it just to get a high total or mix it up a bit with grabs, flips, grinds etc.
  • It is alot better if you pull of different tricks in your combos, you get higher scores. If you just 50-50 grind and keep doing the same trick over and over you score wont get to high.