Anyway to fix this?
  • um im not sure if its fully bricked, but when i turn on my psp its boots up and goes to the regular screen for a split second then it flashes to the blue screen. i press o and it reboots and does the same thing only the second time it shows up to change the settings then back to the blue. i did it like 100 times does anyone know anything that'll help me?

  • I would say your PSP is officially hosed. If you have had it less than a year you are still under Sony's warranty period and should be able to get it replaced free of charge. You'll just have to contact them to make the arrangements. The phone number to call will be in the user manual.
  • dang how come usual bricks have like no picture or any audio mines like tempting i wanna play it soooooooo bad yea its out of the warrenty but couldnt i get a new motherboard?
  • No, you wouldn't be able to get a new motherboard- Sony doesn't sell those separately to anyone. Your only option now is buy a new PSP (which recently got a $30 price drop in the US) or still contact Sony about repairs. Only thing there is you will have to pay out for shipping and labor. I don't know how much that would be- they would be able to tell you over the phone.