Wwf smackdown: just bring it!
  • How the heck do I do the smackdown moves? I see my counter go up...and it stays at 2. I know there is a button or combo that I need to do, but I dont know what it is. And is it different for each guy? And what about my home grown heroes? Are they different? I cant seem to win a last man standing match without knowing how to do this. Can anyone help. Thanks. :cry:
  • If i'm not mistaken then you must hit the L1 button when you're in the right position for the move that you're looking to do. Such as having the guy stunned and standing up to do the Stone Cold Stunner. I could be mistaken though but i'm pretty sure on this. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • [b][i] :2devilish: Its the L1 button when your opponent is stunned (you will hear the announcer say "Hurry, Hurry!!!), some wretlers have 2 moves

    L1 for the first.
  • Thanks for the great help guys. Im sure the game will be alot easier now.
  • If you need any other help for the game just post!!