problems connecting to the internet
  • I just bought a wireless router and installed it. I dont have any problems connecting with the PSP but when i try to connect with the PS3, it can't find an IP address or server not established. If i push the button on the router, my router will show up on the PS3 when I do the scan and it will connect for about 3 min. then it says the access point is not detected. I read something in one of your blogs about having the base of a cordless phone too close to the router can mess it up. my router is on the other side of my apartment son i cant get a wired connection. do i need to get some kind of signal extender or something? im totally lost. Any solutions?
  • A range booster/ extender would help. The wifi card in the PS3 is somewhat flaky and doesn't do as good a job with wireless play as one would like. It is true if the router is close to a cordless phone base it can interfere with the signal as both are using the 2.4 Ghz bandwidth.

    Did you try setting up come custom settings in the router's DHCP for the PS3 and then putting all of the numbers in the PS3's connection setting manually (the IP you set up, router IP, subnet mask, DNS servers)? Doing that may help with getting your connection working.
  • I moved the phone base and entered the settings manually. it fond the IP but then it said An error occurred during communication with the server. This is a DNS error (80710102). I dont know what this means.
  • Sounds like a mismatch in the DNS server numbers. Recheck the numbers from your router's status page and make sure they match up. If they do this could be from a signal drop. Even with the phone base moved the PS3 seems to have to be somewhat close to get proper signal.

    How far across the house is the router from the PS3? You may want to look into getting a range extender/ signal booster as you thought earlier.
  • It randomly lets me connect for a few minutes at a time. All the DNS server numbers match up and it still says the same thing. The playstation is in the living room and the router is in the other room about 25-30 ft away on th same floor. Do i have to do anything with the DHCP host name, MTU, Proxy server, or UPnP? (i dont know what those are)

    About how much does a range extender cost?
  • If these were not changed on the router you wouldn't need to change them for the PS3. I would say the problem is definitely in the PS3's wifi card not picking up enough signal.

    At that distance you could easily go with a wired connection- you could run the cable underneath the floor so that it isn't visible. This would be cheaper than going with a range extender and give you an ensured connection to the internet. The Linksys WRE54G, for example, is $99.99 at Best Buy. 30 feet of ethernet cable should only be $35 or so.