PS3 netowrk set up
  • i have been reading previous threads and am stuck at one point. in them they say type in DNS server numbers but i am not sure how to do this. I got one DNS number by typing "ipconfig /all" into cmd on my pc but this was one number and on the ps3 is says there should be a primary and secondary number. what should i do to get these. i am with AOL and have a Netgear DG834G wireless modem/router.

    Also, if i need to forward ports for the ps3 what ip address would i enter for the 'incoming' section of the firewall. is it the ps3 ip address as that is the 'server' being used. (i say server because that is what it says on the router homepage)
  • The DNS servers are the ones used by your internet provider. You should be able to get both the primary and secondary servers from your router's status page.

    If you can you should set up a custom IP address specifically for the PS3 to be given to it each time you go online. This would be done in DHCP. Once that is done edit that IP into the settings on the PS3.
  • hi, yh i set up the ip address. but in the DNS server number there is only one. there isnt a second one
  • It's possible your ISP has certain ports blocked that may be hindering progress. You should try contacting them to ask about it.
  • could i not just put the one DNS number in as the primary and leave the secondary blank/
  • If they only use the one DNS server then yes. As i said above, your internet provider may have certain ports blocked at their end which are keeping you offline. You could find out by calling their tech support and ask them for assistance.
  • well im with aol, and when i contacted them they said that they dont support ps3 at the moment. should i consider changing isp's.
  • Definitely consider changing providers. Just about all except AOHell support PS3 online. Good luck getting your account with them cancelled- i hear it isn't easy.
  • ok thanks. i should be able to do so
  • I have aol and my ps3 is online or roadrunner if that's the same thing i don't know
  • hi the way, aol stands for always off