• I have bought a few games that didn't come with the instruction part of the cover.

    There are a few games that we are playing that have us stuck (me and my 5 year old son).

    Could you please recommend a playstation web site?

    I will ask you the specific questions I have as well.
    1. the game croc- the first creature we have to defeat is tooty the feeble, how do we get by him? I can't find the blue gem in the lava lava level, where is it?
    2. the game treasure island- we can only get through the first phase of the game, this is the one game we don't have an instruction book for so any help on this one would be appreciated!

    can you recommend any 2 player games for a playstation 1 that don't involve racing?

    I finally figuered out how to access my account, it sure wasn't easy.

    Thank you Corinne and Shayne
  • Welcome Corrine and Shayne, I will try to help you a bit with the Croc game.
    I think the game is Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and hopefully the following will be of some assistance ;)

    beating the Feeble - Let him chase you until he takes a swing, then while he's recovering, give him a tail slap. Three strikes and he's out.

    the Blue Gem in Shoutin Lava Lava Lava - With the key in hand, push the crate back now, and jump back to the first platforms, where you got the green gem. Stay on the platform and it will rise. Jump off on top, grab the crates, open the locked door and enter. Jump up the series of crates to the top, and run around the well to get the BLUE GEM and GOBBO #4 as you just keep moving to avoid the giant worm's attack. Destroy the crates one by one, starting with the highest, moving forward slightly after each smash to land on the next (if you miss one, just go back up to the highest remaining one from the ground and start again).