Scariest thing ever!!
  • On the way to manchester this morning going to the dr who exhibition with Tiff and my dad we were sat at the traffic lights when a lad on a bike got hit by an articulated lorry. Both myself and my dad are first aiders so we got out of the car and help this poor lad. He had knocked himself out and was fighting with me at one point but then was just lyed talking to me. I had rang an ambulance and when the paramedic arrived he made me put some gloves on help him. I held the lads neck still and just kept him chatting

    He seemed better in the end and managed to walk to the ambulance when it arrived. I was really frightened for him at first that he had a nasty head injury as there was blood everywhere My dad and tiff both said they were very proud of me even though i was proper spooked out.

    Its made me think about trying again to apply for the ambulance service