More than a disc reading error...
  • I've had my playstation for around 3 years now, and I've never had problems with it. Recently I let a friend borrow it, not thinking much of it. I got it back a few weeks later and then I hooked it back up as normal. But when I turned it on the screen looked messed up. There were random bands of color going across it. I loaded a game and the sound worked fine, but once again there were random bands of color. The screen would randomly look fine sometimes, but eventually it always freezes right before the screen to load the game. While this happens the sound is perfectly normal, and even though I can't see what's going on I can hear. I've never gotten the disc read error message, so it's something more than that. Please let me know what I can do, and thank you.
  • Your video cable may have been damaged during its time in your friend's "care". If you can, borrow one from someone to see if replacing the cable will fix it. If it does, talk to your friend about paying for the replacement. ;)
  • sony will not replace ps2 with dres anymore apparently, they said it would cost 45$ to replace with 2.95$ tax +20$ handling fee, im still trying to fix my version 10 dre.