• Found an original Playstation at a garage sale, bought it hooked it up and all that happens is I see the 'Sony entertainment' logo then it goes straight to the memory card and cd player screen..doesn't start up the games... Any advice? The ps1 games worked on our Ps2..wondering if I wasted my $10 bucks or is there and easy fix?
    A frustrated mom
  • I'm afraid you probably should have left that PlayStation where it was. There is no easy fix for this- the CD reader is shot. You could contact Sony regarding getting it fixed but the cost there would be prohibitive (and I honestly don't know if they even do repairs on them now since the moves to the PS2 and now the PS3).

    I would consider that $10 gone and look into getting a used system at a local game store if you really need it or just keep playing the games on the PS2.
  • Thanks..I kind of figured that....oh well.....