Back From Easter Vacation!
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    Well, there's nothing like spending a week over your grandparent's house, even if it's just to rest and don't do a thing. ;x I really didn't do much this last week. Last Wednesday I went to the cinema to watch Rowan Atkinson incarnate his ever-so-popular character Mr. Bean in Mr. Bean's Holiday, as he goes off in holiday to Cannes, France, and make hell out of it, turning France almost upside down. I have to admit, it was really worth it because I couldn't stop laughing almost the whole movie. ;x Atkinson still has Bean's spirit within him, and it's too bad to know that he might not appear again. D:
  • Honestly, I stopped reading after you said "Mr. Bean's Holiday". I am a huge Mr. Bean fan, and I had no idea he had a new movie out!!!

    I live in U.S.A., and apparently the movie doesn't come out here until August :(. Glad to hear that the movie was funny though. I've got his DVD set from the Mr. Bean show, so I guess that will tide me over for a while.

    OK, now what were you saying? ;)
  • Haha, good to know that you're also a Mr. Bean fan. But, it's weird thought, most movies only come to Europe after they're released in the USA. Then again, Atkinson's british so that may be one of the reason's for us to get it first.

    Also, I'd love to get my hands on one of those DVDs with the show. Brings about some very good laughs and memories. ;D
  • Massaki said:
    ...Then again, Atkinson's british so that may be one of the reason's for us to get it first.

    Just thought I'd butt in here for a second. Only real reason we've got this movie early is because it's the official movie of Comic Relief. Which is ironic in itself as Mr. Atkinson is very much indeedee a huge Comic Relief :laugh: