Connecting a USB hard drive - Foder Issues
  • Hmm, should be folder not foder :)

    When connecting my Western Digital hard drive the PS3 seems unable to recognise my folders in that it cannot detect either my MP3's or numerous photos. The drive is formatted as FAT32. The PS3 does indeed detect that a drive is connected but thats about it.

    Does anyone know if there is a specific file structure that is required.

    Any help gratefully received.
  • Try setting up specific folders at the top of the drive's levels. Make one called VIDEO for your videos, MUSIC for the MP3s and PHOTO for any pictures. Once that is done move any files you want to use on the PS3 there. When you highlight the drive on the PS3 hit the triangle button and select 'show all files". You should then see any compatible files and be able to copy them over, one at a time.
  • Fabulous, works a treat, thanks for the reply :D