• what cables and software do i need to play online on my ps2 ? !!!!!
  • The software you need is included on games that can go online. As for other things you will need depends on which version of PS2 you have.

    If you are still using one of the older large models you will need to find one of Sony's Network Adapters. This comes with the set up disc and easy instructions. You should still be able to find this in some stores and online. The only thing that will work properly is the actual Sony adapter- don't bother checking out any third-party stuff.

    If you have one of the slim models the adapter will not be necessary as this model already has it built in and the set up disc was included with the system. You will need some ethernet cable to go from a router (if you don't have one set up for sharing the broadband internet connection i suggest doing so) to the ethernet port on the back of the system. Then you simply run the set up disc and save the connection file to your memory card.

    If, by chance, you are still using dial up access i would not even bother. Very few games support dial up and the lag would make things unplayable.
  • thanks for replying before about what i need to go online but , i no what the problem is now , the problem is i dont have an the set up disk and i didn't get 1 with my console , is there any chance you could send me 1??????? because i really want to get online and ive been trying for ages now, thanks jamie robinson ....
  • The setup software is included on the disk of any PS2 game that is online capable. Simply put the disk in the PS2 and pick the online option for the setup to begin
  • Is it nessary to have a router are is there a nother way to connect.
  • I have a Netgear wireless router, and I have Comcast high speed internet, so I am wondering, do I unplug the ethernet cable from the router, and into my ps2 (slimline) or do I unplug it from the modem and into my ps2?
  • The router does simplify things, alcove, by not having to switch cables around every time you want to go online with either the PC or the PS2.

    Shwen- you don't need to unplug any cable. Use another bit of ethernet cable and run it from one of the outgoing ports on the back of the router to the PS2. Then go through the set up process. You may have to make some setting changes on the router to get the PS2 online (either setting it up in the DMZ or set up a custom IP address for it in DHCP) as well as include several numbers in the PS2's connection save (router IP address, subnet mask, DNS servers, the PS2's IP address if going the DHCP route).

    Most of the numbers you will need can be found within the router set up pages on a status or summary page.
  • There is only one port for an ethernet cable in my router. which i'm thinking might be a problem. Now what i'm thinking, is would it be possible to plug an ethernet cable into my computer, than run it straight to my ps2?
    Since theres other cables going from the router into the computer providing internet, plugging another ethernet into the computer and running it to my ps2 should give me a direct connection to internet through my computer to my ps2. Does that sound like it would work?
  • Sounds like a poor router if you can't hook up more than one device in there.

    That would work if you have the spare ethernet port- you would need to enable internet sharing on your computer. A quick search of the Microsoft database on their site will tell you how this is done.
  • I believe the router works with one ethernet cable going into the router, than another cable (looks like a phone cable to me) that runs from it to the computer, wiring the internet from going into the router, than into the computer. As it does that, it sends off a signal, that goes around about 80% of the house, which next to me is another computer, with a recieving card in the back [i think in an ethernet port] to which the signal is picked up and received and trasmitted through the computer, giving that computer internet as well.

    This is the reason why I'm no fan of Netgear.
  • Same here- I'm more partial to D-Link and Linksys myself as routers go.

    The computer you say is near you uses a wireless card to pick up the router signal? if so then it most likely does have a free ethernet port which you could use to hook your PS2 up and let that computer be the gateway. This page I've found gives a good explanation of how to set up the internet connection sharing in Windows XP (I'm guessing that's what your computer is running).