• Anyone have any hints and tips for spy hunter?

  • Beat the missions in the time listed below and get ALL objectives to open these cheats/extras. Very tough...

    01: 03:40 Saliva Spy Hunter Video
    02: 03:35 Green HUD
    03: 02:40 Saliva Your Disease Video
    04: 03:15 Night Vision
    05: 03:25 Early Test Animatic Video
    06: 03:45 Extra Cameras
    07: 03:10 Rainbow HUD
    08: 03:05 Inversion Camera
    09: 03:45 Concept Art Video
    10: 03:15 Fisheye View
    11: 03:10 Camera Flip
    12: 03:30 Puke Camera
    13: 02:15 Making Of Video
    14: 05:10 haven't managed to acquire
    Finish Game: Hover Spy
    All Objectives: Super Spy.

    Hope that helps.
  • Just to expand a little on what ER said...

    If you go into the CHEATS menu screen in the game it lists each of the levels together with a time to beat.

    What makes this quite difficult is that you MUST complete ALL the objectives set for each mission as well as beating the times too... beleive me its very tricky to do this on some of the missions as balancing speed with safety and accuracy is not easy.

    Some of the videos that you unlock are great, so its worth the effort unlocking them and it extends the lifespan of the game too.
  • Thanks for the answers.

    By the way I finally unlocked the the first two levels in mutliplayer.
  • In the next one you have to go through as many of those little green things as possible.
    Not as good as the chickens though....
  • The fourth one (The swamp) is also going through those green things.

    Has anyone actually beat the levels within the time limit to open the cheats/extras?

    That is hard!
  • Dawg, the SPYHUNTER section is now up and running at:


    Be sure to send in any tips you have for getting fast times or controlling the vehicles. Also, how about doing a readers review of the game so that other people who are thinking of buying it know what you think ?