how do i play ny ps2 online games with my ps3 wireless network
  • if you know plz help
  • You'll have to set up a connection on the virtual card you have set up on the PS3 hard drive, djeter. Use most of the numbers you have set up already when going through the process on a PS2 game but leave the IP address as automatic. You should have no problems.
  • everytime i try to connect online with smackdown vs raw 2007, through wireless ps3, theres always an error! however when i connect motorstorm online, everythings ok!
  • Karlos, do you have a connection setting made on the virtual card? If not you will need to make one. have it similar to what you have for the PS3 settings but have the IP address as Automatic.
  • yeah i have all that, it connects to the lobby just fine, and i find someone to go up against, but as soon as it gets to the entrance screen it says that there was an error and it disconnects me