• Im putting together a cd of mostly hard rock music to get me pumped on my way to the gym. I have a few songs, but am up to suggestion to fill out my cd. So far I have:

    Pain- Three Days Grace
    Aerials- System of a Down
    Toxicity- System of a Down
    Chop Suey- System of a Down
    Happy- Mudvayne
    Twisted Transistor- Korn
    Coming Undone- Korn
    Lights and Sounds- Yellowcard
    This is the way we live - Baby Boy (I know its rap, but it has a good beat)
    We Fly High - Jim Jones (same as above)
    Snow (Hey Oh)- Red Hot Chili Peppers (good post workout cool down song)
    The Ballad of Curtis Lowe - Lynard Skynard (same as above)
  • I'd be happy to help. Let's see, I know that you said you have mostly hard rock songs so far... is that all you need to get pumped up, or could softer rock still be cool?

    I obviously don't know your full musical tastes but here are some of my suggestions (Straight off my iPod!!):

    1) ANY song off of this CD by the band "SCUM OF THE EARTH", featuring current and former members of Powerman 5000, and Rob Zombie's group:

    2) The song "Transform" off of this CD by Powerman 5000:

    3) The song "BOTTLE ROCKET" by The Go! Team is just amazing. It isn't HARD rock, but it is definitely a cheerleading/pump up kind of song. It's really catchy, and should do the trick.

    4) The band Dragonforce's song: "Through the fire and the flames". If that doesn't pump you up, nothing will. Most of their other songs are just as phenomenally done.

    5) "Woman" by Wolfmother. I had heard a lot of good stuff about Wolfmother, but waited forever to get the CD. I picked it up and it is pretty great. Woman is loud and fun, and there are a few more songs on the same CD that are similar in style.

    I will edit this post with any more that I think of a little later :) Hopefully you haven't heard the songs I just posted, and you can buy all of them off of iTunes to my best knowledge. You'll be pleased with my selections, I'm sure of it.