007 Agent Under Fire
  • In the sixth mission i can't seem to beat Carla the Jackal, i always get there with plenty of ammo and i get away from the grenades pretty good but i can't seem to finish her off. Can anyone help me?
  • You just have to keep shooting her for as long as possible. She will then move after you have shot her a certain number of times. I just kept shooing her until she died, but apparently there is a switch behind some crates that will make a the big hook push her into a the big fan, when she is standing near the large hook on the wall. I will have to look into this to give a better discription of where the switch is exactly.
  • I don't know about the swithc,....but I do know that if you blow up the barrels after she moves for the first time, it does quite a lot of damage...
  • Ok, here's how i beat her time and time again. i shoot from the hallway until she moves on to the next spot and the oil drums explode. then i duck behind a big vat of acid or something that is to the right of her and near the catwalk. then i just pop up to shoot her. once she is on the platform, i go around the crates to the button, hit it, and she gets pushed in. just wanted to let you guys know that i figured it out.