PSP game downloads off PSN
  • Havent got my PS3 yet (only a few more weeks) but i was wondering whether there are games on the PS store that you download and can play on the PSP. If this is possible how would you go about transferring the game from the PS3 on to the PSP?
  • Yes they do, emvy- several classic games from the original PlayStation are available to buy and download for the PSP. Transfer is easy as they go directly to the PSP when buying them- it will prompt you to attach the PSP and put it into USB mode before the download can begin.

    Currently available are Jumping Flash!, WipeOut, Destruction Derby, 2Xtreme, MediEvil, CoolBoarders, Jet Moto, Crash Bandicoot, Rally Cross, Syphon Filter, Tekken 2 and Hot Shots Golf 2.
  • cheers for clearing that up. will the games be exactly different, because the PSP has only two shoulder pads compared to the PS ones four.
  • There may be some control changes in games that used all 4 shoulder buttons- just check the options of each game after downloading. Most of the games available so far haven't used them all so should be good to go.
  • thanks lyndon, also is there any news on a new ps3 system update. being in europe, well probably be the last ones to find out if there is one.
  • Forgot you are in Europe- that list of games is the North American areas. As of yet none of these are available in the UK/ European stores.They should be arriving before too long.

    Whenever there is a new firmware update coming we usually will be reporting on it in the news section- hasn't been any word on a new one. Considering we had a rather major update back on March 23 we likely won't see anything too big in the next one other than maybe some minor functionality fixes/ updates for backward compatibility.