Memory card ribbon, came out... :[
  • Ok well i was disassembling my PS2 because the disk got jammed and the tray wouldnt open and the ribbon for eject/reset came out. So i took apart the entire thing and connected it, but as i was putting it back together, the memory card ribbon came out. I was about halfway done puting the thing back together when it did, and i noticed a brown snatch that clamps onto the ribbon so it doesnt come undone. So i stuck my small screwdriver in to try and push it back down but the brown snatch came off. Now i cant get it back on... and i tried taping the ribbon down after putting it back in but that didnt work... i dont know what to do, and i havent played my ps2 is like 6 months, so i really would like to get it working... If anyone has AIM or MSN, im on both, or just reply if you can detail it well... please... eroyeexx or [email][/email] ... any help would be greatly appreciated
  • Once again we have an example of why one shouldn't go into the system innards if you don't normally handle this sort of thing.

    Your PS2 is now totalled. You may be able to find a shop somewhere that could replace that ribbon but more likely you will have to contact Sony and have them take care of it (for a small fee of course).
  • Lmfao, thats not very nice to judge.

    First, im not an idiot... I took apart my ps2 about 25 times, and i made sure i wouldnt fuck up before i fiddled with it. I watch a youtube video on how to take it apart like 5 times until i had it down to a science.

    Anyway, i fixed it. Wasnt that hard. Just had to snap on that brown clip after i put the ribbon in. Works fine.