Level 2 on Jedi Power Battles ps1
  • I can't get past the bit on level 2 when you jump on the top of trees, it's after you climb the tree. once i did it but i got stuck on the next stage and died. Thanks for all your help.
  • OK, I've found a guide for this level that gets you to the levels boss. I won't post the boss battle though.
    This is a direct copy of a part of a guide written by someone, on a different site, with the username ChefGhost. This is in no way written by me!

    At the beginning of the level, you'll start in the middle of a bunch of droids.
    You'll have to take care of all the droids that come at you in order to advance.

    There are some power-up near the brownish boxes in the back of the screen, do overlook them.

    Once you do kill them all off, you'll see a sequence showing a MTT scaring numerous Kaadus and causing a stampede.

    After sequence, you'll have to run away from the MTT while trying to avoid the Kaadus who will occasionally run into you out sheer panic. Try to stay away from them, they will only slow you down and cause you to lose some health.

    Don't do anything but run like a madman.

    After you get pass the stampede you'll be in a new area with a checkpoint. Grab the checkpoint and proceed into the large clearing.

    In the clearing, you'll again encounter many droids. You can kill most of them from a distance by reflecting their lasers. There's an Ultimate Power-up hidden in the bush near the top left corner of the screen. Grab it when you need it.

    Behind the giant stump with the Randomizer on it is an extra life. I suggest you collect the Randomizer. There are health and Force power-ups after it so you won't lose much if it gives you a Challenge.

    Proceed on to the area with the tall mushrooms. Use the tallest mushroom to jump on to the platforms on the trees. Then make your way up the tree until reach the top. Walk along the narrow tree branch and then hop to the next ledge. Don't worry, there are invisible walls along both sides of the narrow branch so you can't fall off even if you wanted to.

    From the ledge, jump to the next plateau and dispose of all the droids while collecting all of the power-ups.

    When you've killed all the droids, move on to the next plateau. Always remember, in stages that require you to do a lot of jumping sequences (Coruscant and Tatooine) try to draw the fire of the enemy that is on the ledge or platform that you are trying to jump to. That way you can deflect it and kill him, giving you a clear landing space.

    Continue from plateau to plateau, killing and collecting everything along the way. Eventually, you'll reach a checkpoint. Kill everything around the checkpoint before getting it, as usual. Then slowly make your way right disposing of more hunks of junk.

    You'll then see a small animation with four Battle Droids that activate themselves and come to kill you.

    Kill them and their friends near the control panels. Don't forget the lightsaber power-up behind the computer near the back of the screen.

    After that, you'll arrive in a fungus-filled valley. You know the drill, kill anything that moves and get everything that helps you.

    When you reach the group of droids near the narrow bridge, kill the ommander droid first. He has the most potential of knocking you off. Walk, don't run, across the bridge while deflecting the fire from the droid that's on there. Kill the droid near the checkpoint before getting it and then jump into the nearest abyss. This checkpoint is the doubling-back point in this level.

    After you're resurrected, backtrack as far as you can possibly go, killing and plundering along the way. When you can no longer backtrack, go back to the checkpoint and move on.

    In one of the pits there is the first Gungan Artifact. If you have not gotten that before on this game, do so now. Remember, when you're getting the Artifact don't jump, drop down to it then double-jump back out.

    Continue to the right. If you're shy a couple thousand points, drop into one of the pits and collect a 2500 point bonus, if not, don't bother.

    When you see an area with a health power-up you'll know the boss is coming up.
    Only grab the health if you are in dire need of it. Try to save it for after the
    first stage of the boss.

    I hope that helps you. If you need help with the boss then tell us and we'll provide some help on that.
    Site Squad
  • Thanks for the advice, but when I get to the plateaux I can still only jump twice from plateau to plateau. When I get to the third jump, I keep falling down the gap. Is there another way of getting to level 3?
  • please can you tell me were you enter the paswords. thanks for all your help.