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    Today me and my friends went to Carolina Wings and Ribs. They ordered the beyond blistering hot wings. In order to eat them you have to sign a waiver form. I decided to get some too. 3 of my friends only ate 1. 2 others ate like 4. and I ate all 12.They took my picture and put it up on the all. My stomach hurts like hell now.
  • okay mike, this had bad idea written all over it from the start of mentioning the waiver form.

    did it at least help you bulk up?
  • Man, it's a wonder you dint grow wings eating that many.
    You must be like Homer in that episode of The Simpsons where he eats every single Chilli Pepper he can apart from that Mexican weird one. Then he puts candle wax on his tongue and manages to eat some of them as well.
    You dint end up seeing weird mirages and stuff as well did you? :eek:
  • I was kept up most of the night, my stomach was making the strangest sounds. I thought I would have gained a ton of fat, but I actually lost like 2 pounds. Weird huh, lol.