jap ps3 and uk games please help!!!!!!
  • Right im new to this so i will try and not step on anyones toes, and sorry if i do.

    Here goes please can someone spell this out very simply and give me a solution.

    i have a jap PS3 and have had it since january,

    i have ridge racer 7 and resistance fall of man from japan played them and finished them a long time ago.

    i borrowed Call of duty from my friend who has a uk pal version and it did not work

    it came up with 'game not supported - 80028F10

    is this going to be the same with all uk games i buy or what?

    all threads i have looked at are all talking about downloaded games, i just want to buy games from a shop and play them is it just call of duty 3 that does this or all of tehm

    Please someone help me all i want to do is play my games.

    oh i do not have a HD tv just a regular tv in my room.

    if there is no solution to this problem then can somone please tell me a good place to buy games thet will play on my ps3

    Thanks for your much anticipated help
  • I mentioned in the other thread about the region free play being up to the publishers and developers- the majority of games should be region free. Activision, the publishers of Call of Duty, may have decided to go the region coding route.