psp1 Abe's Exodus
  • Hi 'O Wonderful ones'
    I need help I've just closed boneworks down and am in a sticky position.
    1st screen: 2 dogs behind barrier, then pink electric fence thing! I can crouch and roll through, the barrier opens dogs start chasing.
    2nd screen: still rolling through tunnel cage, dogs chasing. 3rd dog jumps down and joins others all dogs now chasing.
    3rd screen: dogs chasing, I change from roll into run ready to jump onto ledge in screen 4.
    4th screen: On ledge, red eye thing so I can't levers....dogs under ledge with a tunnel cage and a slig at other end. He fires at me but not at dogs.
    If I try to roll off ledge into next screen roll changes into creep...Abe dies
    If I try to run and jump off into next screen there is no time to change into roll to go through next tunnel cage in screen 5. Abe dies.
    So I'm on ledge dogs and slig underneath and to top all that........there is a nasty saw thing on ledge that chops Abe into little pieces if he stays on ledge....what the bloody Nora do I do. :censored:

  • Not easy to find info on this one any more, been quite awhile since it's been available. Maybe this will help:

    Roll through the tunnel, wait for an opening and roll to the well, and jump
    into it right away. On the other side, stepping through the red sensor drops
    the slamdoor behind you and lets out the Slogs. Run right, and roll into the
    tunnel on the next screen. Next, don't roll into the tunnel, but jump up to
    the top instead, or the Slig will shoot you. Jump over him and keep going.
    Roll through the next tunnel again, then jump over the mines and pull up
    immediately. Walk to the right when the vertical drill is up and jump into the

    In the office, immediately run right and jump up to the ledge. Read the hand
    panel for instructions on using Glukkons, then possess Director Phleg. Get one
    of the Sligs to kill the other by saying "C'mere" and "Kill 'em" when he's
    facing the right direction. Remember, you have to face the Slig for him to
    hear you, or have him occupying the same spot as you. Bring the Slig to the
    lever and say "Do it", then make him follow you to the right. Make him "Do
    it" again to work the lift, and "Kill 'em", meaning the Slog. Go down the
    right lift and tell the Glukkon Voice Lock to "Do it" while you're standing in
    front of it to teleport.

    Talk to the Slig and have him pull the lever, then immediately start saying
    "Kill 'em" over and over again, until all the Slogs are dead. You'll know
    they're almost done when the drills above you are getting close, and the sound
    of the Slogs appearing (beaming in, if you will, it's an electronic sound)
    stops. Once they're dead, have the Slig follow you quickly to the lift in the
    middle and "Do it" to take you down, before the horizontal drill gets to you.
    Stand at the left edge of the new platform with the Slig and do the same ("Do
    it", then repeat "Kill 'em" until all the Slogs are dead) and bring the Slig
    over the right edge. Repeat again with the lever and Slogs down here, standing
    to the right of the lever and facing left. Go to the lift on the left here and
    go down. Stand to the left of the lever with the Slig and go through the
    routine one last time. This one cuts it a little closer with the drills coming
    down, but you've had lots of practice by now. Go right and tell the Security
    Fone to "Do it".

    Take Abe through the door beside the hand panel and run right. Crouch on the
    next screen and roll under the bone drills. You can stop in the slow-moving
    drill's lane for a moment. Roll out the right side. Roll under the drill and
    stand up. Pull yourself up, turn and jump left. Stand beside the lever and
    pull it twice, once to drill the Slogs and once to turn the drills back off.
    Jump right over the single drill and hop off the right edge of the platform to
    land in the well.

    Go right to the Mudokons. Jump to the top ledge and get the Mudokon to follow
    you down. Chant to save all 9 Mudokons at once. Pull the lever and go back
    left, then jump to the upper left ledge and enter the door.
  • I've tried to follow that walkthrough but I can't get Abe to land or run into a roll... I have to stop him, get him to crouch, then get him to roll, and by the time he finishes crouching, the slogs eat him... How do I run into a roll?
  • to roll

    get abe to run then when u want him to roll press x button
  • thank you Lyndon M Staff