• I got a couple questions since FFXI will be online is it going to be completely different than what were used to? How much will it cost to play it online? and do we have to buy a modem or will the game also work for computer?
  • There's been no concrete details on the online gameplay as of yet. Square did recently announce that while PlayOnline (Square's online gaming network) will have no fees, some products will have fees for online play. You'll need the network adaptor Sony is bringing out this Spring for the PS2-it will use your current web connection (either dialup or broadband) so there's no extra charge there.

    They are currently beta testing the online portion of the game in Japan,where it comes out this Spring.No firm date has been set elsewhere yet.

    I'll set this into the PS2 Game Help area.
  • Square's Playonline server has declared no monthly fee for playing the game online. The game will be completely different than what you're accustommed to. I don't like MMORPGS so i probably won't be getting FFXI. It's going to be very hard to have a good story with this game and since Square is known for their stories, we'll see what happens. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • why wouldnt it have a good story and what are MMORPGS.
  • I'm kinda unsure about this. If it's gonna be a proper online RPG like EverQuest or Ultima, it'll be totally awesome. But if it's not, it probably won't be that great unless Square suprise us with some really super-funtastic new-generation online RPG. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out...
  • MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, dagger. You'll aso have to register an account with PlayOnline to play (that's free so no problems there).
  • Already did......but if you wanted to play it you would have to but the modem right......well if you dont have the modem is it going to be offline play
  • From what I recall reading there will be an offline mode available as well for those that aren't into or don't have available the web connection.

    As I mentioned earlier,you will have to buy the network adaptor coming out this Spring,which is expected to retail at about $40.