Spiderman 3 Movie & Game
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    We all know that the biggest movie of the summer is coming out very soon. I've enjoyed the series of Spiderman movies as much as the next guy.

    But the games, I don't know... they just didn't hit on much with me. I tried my best to enjoy them, but the web-slinging does get boring and very annoying in the PS2 versions. Granted, they created a big open world, but the tasks you had to complete were often silly in the most recent Spiderman game.

    Anyway, my question is, which are you more excited about? The Spiderman 3 movie premiere or Spiderman 3: The Game?

    As I said, the games have let me down in the past, but more than likely I will still buy this game just to see for myself if the finally improved on things. I am most excited about the movie though. It looks pretty cool ;).
  • I'm definitely more interested in the movie itself than the game. Like yourself, i wasn't really able to get myself into playing the games. The main thing there was the open- end gameplay. I'm not one to just muck around, swinging around the city to find something. I prefer the games to have set levels and objectives, much like the original Spider-Man game on the PSOne (based solely on the comics).

    I'll still be checking the game out thanks to the online rental service but I'm doubtful if I'll be buying. Bring on the movie!
  • The movie for sure. Introduction of Venom should be great. That costume originally came from the Secret Wars in the comics. I'm curious to see how they get around that in the movie. The previews look great and it opens on my birthday. What a present for a Marvel fan, eh?

    I also can't wait to see how they manage to get Kirsten Dunst wet again! ;)
  • Well, the week of Spiderman is upon us. I'm going to pick up the game (Comes out Friday in U.S.A.) for sure. It just looks too cool to miss. And nothing else big is coming out right now, so I might as well.

    The movie comes out too, but you'd be crazy to try and see it the weekend it comes out... nothing worse than a full theater of annoying people ;). I'll see it soon enough though.
  • Im Excited About The Movie But Im Also Excited About The Game
    I Liked The Last 3 Spider Man Games They Were Fun To Beat But
    Im Most Excited About The Movie.
  • *cough* Hello everyone, it Matt, long time since i've been on here. . .seems a lot quiter then it used to. . . anyways to the question at hand, the film far more then the game. And im going to a private screening for 20 people on sat morning. mwhahahahahahaha.
    Like chris i want to know how they get around the secret wars thing, but i also want to know if Ioan Gruffudd will be getting a cameo with regard to removal of venom from peter. (i highly doubt it as someone would of said by now!!!)
    Oh well lets all wait till next week to see how good the film is (and watch ebay and the amount silly money spent on asm 300, and also see how many amazing fantasy 15's are listed to)
  • Theve1tch! Glad to see you back! You know your post made me think... I've got an Iron Man #1. Can't wait for the movie! How much you figure it'll fetch on E-Bay once the movie comes out? (Like I would ever part with it!)

    Have not heard any rumors on a Reed Richards appearance in the film (sadly) but it would be a nice bump for the FF movie coming June 15th. Can't wait to see Galactus.
  • The Spiderman 3 Game is coming out in two versions. One lets you play as Green Goblin... the other doesn't.

    You have to pay to get the green goblin version... I believe $10.00 more :o.

    So, which version of the game will YOU get? I'm sticking with the PS3 standard version... I'm fine with that. It already costs a lot, don't need any extra cost factored in.
  • I agree with you all. Something about making games after movies makes me not want to play them. I guess its because you aren't getting the same sense of adventure. Like for FF games, I love them because each time I enter a different world that I know nothing about and get to discover it over time. In a movie game I already know what the game is about and there is less excitement for me.
  • ill be getting the collectors edition i just figure why not
  • The movie came out the other day, but I haven't seen it yet.

    Has anybody seen the movie?
  • Just been to see it this afternoon- it's well worth seeing. Bruce campbell makes a pretty good smarmy french restaurant maitre'd.
  • yes it is worth watching i thaught it was great!!
  • Well that's 1hr 55mins of my life that I'll never get back. Pretty dire film, was expecting Venom to apear at least within the first 30 mins of the film & not in the last 25! and why do that to Harry at the end of the film?, could have had his own spin off that I would have seen (except Dare Devil's Electra) Sandman was a Joke!

    I was a huge Sam Rami fan and now he's just playing on the last 2 films successes. Long, boring, over streched & dodgy FX, not learn't lesson from Maxtrix 2 & Spiderman 2

    Still I'll take a look at the game through rental later on & look forward to the new Lindsay-Britney Road to Rehab film & game tie in :)