Final fantasy 7?
  • is final fantasy 7 ever going to come out for ps3 as either an updated version with improved graphics and/or story line or even the original version?

    me and my friend where debating over it, and also is it true that FF7 was actually banned from being sold in stores in the USA? ... seems strange if it is (:OP
  • No truth at all to the sale ban- where did you or your friends find that rumor? :huh:

    The rumors of an updated FF VII just will not go away, will they? As of yet Square Enix has said nothing about a remake. It will be more likely to eventually see the original game come to the PlayStation Store as a download. Nothing has been said about this happening either, however, so take it as speculation only.

    At this point if you want to play the game on the PS3 it would be easier to get the original game and play it.
  • i read the rumor at a website (dont remember which one though, it was a long time ago hehe)

    thanks for the info! (:O)