PS2 slim completely dead !
  • I have an SCPH-70012 that has no life at all. When I plug it, I don't get any lights at all and nothing happens when I press the power button - which is ok. I could not find any blown fuses on the main board or anything unusual. What can cause this unit to be "so dead" ? Thank you.
  • The onboard power supply may have been fried somewhere along the way (power surge maybe) causing this. Of course, it may just be the power cord acting up too.
  • Thanks for your response. Actually, after I used a magnifying lens, I found a few bad solder connections right in the power plug area on the main board. Fixing those brought the unit to normal working condition.
  • That happened to me and i checked everything then i had to wait 2 months for a replacement cord and i was so bored