PS1 Abe's Exodus, Just closed boneworks down stuck on next screen
  • Hi Repeat request

    I need help I've just closed boneworks down and Im stuck on the next screen.

    After successfully rolling through 3 screens being chased by 3 dog like creatures, I'm on a ledge and underneath is a tunnel with a gun toting pain in the neck creature waiting at the end. (sorry cant remember the names of em all) There is a nasty razor saw on the ledge which kills abe so I cant stay there. I need to crouch and roll into the next tunnel, but no matter how fast I run or jump off there is no time to crouch then roll before the dogs get me. If I try to roll off the ledge it just goes into the creep mode. I cant chant....all seeing eye levers to bombs to kill em or food to keep them occupied. I have tried several hundred times Please have a solution before I go barking mad.
  • Sorry for the delay- i left a reply to your original post, now found in the PSOne Game help section. Hope it helps! B)