Problem with my PSOne
  • Hi guys.

    I really hope you can help me :confused:

    Today, I received a PSOne, a woman at my job gave it to me. So, when I came back home, I tried it. It worked perfectly, and it read both original games & cd-r. So I must say I was pretty happy.

    Later today, I decided to play a bit with my PSOne, since I have not played for a long long time.

    I pressed POWER... Nothing happened. Not even the green LED was on. I checked if everything was connected... then, I retried it. Still nuthing!

    But I remarked this... as soon as I press POWER, even if nothing comes on the screen, there is a little RED dot in my lens.

    Does that means anything? Is the PSOne is damaged?

    Please tell me! :)
  • That red dot would be the laser for reading the CD. Normal happening there.

    The discs would not even attempt to spin? I would say the PSOne did get damage of some sort, possibly due to a power surge or just wear and tear over the years. You possibly could have it looked at and repaired but considering the cost for that it would be easier and cheaper to pick up another unit at a used game store (or even go for a PlayStation 2, which can still play the original PSOne's games along with its own library of titles).