Dvd's, Blu-ray and downloads stick
  • For some reason i carnt get any films to play they just keep sticking.

    Ive messed with my settings but nothing seems to work can you help just want to be able to watch films and the oblivion trailer ive download.

    If you can help put it in simple terms as sony have baffled me when ive quered things before have asked them about this and as yet have not responded.

    Thank you

    Chris malkin
  • The videos you are trying to watch are from the PlayStation Store? Or did you get them from another source and move them to the PS3?
  • Hi again.

    What it is i received my copy of james bond casino royale on blu ray for signing up to the playstation network.(off sony)

    I have tried playing this but it sticks in different places and rarely get past the trailers at the begining. I have no hdtv (yet) does this matter and can you help ?

    Also ive downloaded oblivion trailer off the playstation store and this also sticks can you help?

    Chris malkin